About the study

We would like to know whether using the tablet with FindMyApps has added value for people with mild dementia. Will their quality of life improve, thanks to FindMyApps?

Join this research!

If you would like to join the research, contact us to see if you are eligible via an email to d.n.neal@amsterdamumc.nl, or call 020-788-4512 or fill out the form "Am I eligible to participate?" by clicking below.

Am I eligible to participate?

We zoeken mensen met beginnende dementie uit Nederland die thuis wonen. Ook hun mantelzorgers worden uitgenodigd voor deelname. De helft van degenen die mee willen doen, gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden het FindMyApps-platform. De andere helft krijgt links naar webpagina’s met informatie over interessante apps.

Do you not have your own tablet? No problem! For the period of the research (3 months) you can borrow a tablet!

All the participants (people with dementia and carers) are requested to provide information about how they manage daily activities and how they are socially engaged at the start of the study and at the end of the 3 months, by means of questionnaires.