Participate in research and improve the lives of people living at home with incipient dementia.

The research focuses on the FindMyApps program which help people with early dementia:

  • to learn to use the tablet
  • to choose apps that are right for them

The FindMyApps program selects apps with three main goals:

  • organizing and executing daily activities
  • remain socially involved
  • do meaningful activities

We need people with dementia and informal carers who want to take advantage of these new opportunities. They test what we have developed so far and let us know what their experiences are. Together with the researchers you work on improving the quality of life of people with dementia. If you want to know more about the FindMyApps survey and the FindMyApps program, click on the About section.


BestCare4Dem - International Conference 7-8 juni 2018 - DeLaMar theater, Amsterdam

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